Where should the custom handbag be used as a reference?

Choose the skills of custom men’s leather bags
Points to pay attention to when purchasing and using men’s wallets

Nowadays, the fabrics of custom handbags can be described as various, and there are all kinds of leather bags, patent leather bags, sanding bags, Oxford cloth, nylon cloth bags, artificial leather bags, etc. that are often seen in the market. Too many to mention. However, these fabrics can be divided into the following types: The first one is the leather handbag we often say, that is, the real animal fur, cowhide, pigskin, horse skin, etc., most of them are cowhide bags, because cowhide The toughness is good, the fabric is sturdy, so the price is relatively expensive, but the style is relatively simple. Second, PU materials, most of the bags are such fabrics, a kind of artificial leather, often said that the patent leather and the like are such fabrics, PU fabrics actually use thousands of The price is different from low to high, with various styles and high plasticity. The third type, the fabric, the softness is good, and most of the leisure bags are colored with this fabric, and it is not afraid that the grinding pressure is its advantage.

Custom handbags not only look at the fabric of the bag, but also the details of the bag: the hardware of the bag is generally low-grade, some bags are iron, the middle and high-grade are generally steel, the surface plating is not the same, the plating Good to be expensive, the hardware ring of the bag is solid and hollow with seams and seamless. There is a big gap between the hardware on the bag and the cost of the brand on the bag. . So look at the quality of the luggage itself, metal is a vital part, the hand feels smooth, picks up the texture, the fine workmanship is superior.