Why do leather products have a smell?

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I believe that many people will smell a scent when they buy leather products such as wallets and bags. Of course, this smell is good, but why is there such a smell? Here’s the answer: Why do smells in leather products?

  1. Leather is made from animal skin as a raw material through complex physical and chemical processing. In the process of leather making, various acid and alkali treated leathers are added, and various fats are added for fatliquoring and use. Filling with various fillers, and finally finishing with a finishing agent.
  2. There is a certain smell in the leather itself, plus various leather chemical materials in the process of tanning, forming a unique smell of leather. Moreover, the different types of raw materials and the different materials used for the leather, the smell of the leather is light and heavy. For example, leather with fish oil will have some fishy smell; leather coated with solvent-based finishing agent will have some solvent smell; in leather and fur products, there will be adhesive smell and even formaldehyde. Stupid smell, obviously these smells are not good for human health.

Guangzhou leather goods manufacturer Guangzhou eight-strength leather goods factory reminds everyone that leather and products have some special smell, more or less will have some smell, but in the car car mat, sofa leather and other leather, the smell of leather should be controlled .