What is microfiber skin? Is it leather?

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Handbags and bags have a kind of material on the market, which is often mistaken for leather handbags and leather bags. Some of its properties are even better than leather. This kind of material is now widely used in bag products. Microfiber.

Speaking of microfiber, Guangzhou handbag manufacturer Guangzhou Eight-Share Wen Leather Co., Ltd. is often asked by customers to hold some perfect “leather handbags” and “leather bags”: Why is the grain of this bag so clear? Why is it so good in color? Why is it better to wear than the leather? Why is its price lower than that of the leather?
In response to this question, tell everyone what is super fiber. Microfiber is the abbreviation of ultrafine fiber PU synthetic leather. It is a non-woven fabric made of microfiber staple fiber by carding and needle-punching into a three-dimensional structure network. After wet processing, PU resin impregnation, alkali reduction, microdermabrasion dyeing The process is finally made into microfiber leather. Microfiber has been widely used in the field of bags.

Some companies produce leather handbags and leather bags. According to customer requirements, they will use a certain amount of microfiber to enhance the durability of handbags and bags. The texture and color of the microfiber can achieve a closeness of more than 95% of the leather, and will not affect the appearance of the bag. Because the appearance is very similar to leather, pure microfiber handbags and bags are now quite popular.

Compared with the leather, the super fiber has further enhanced toughness and wear resistance, and has excellent wear resistance. Because it is artificial, its texture and color are easier to control. This is why many people think that the material appearance of the bag of microfiber material is almost zero defect. However, Guangzhou handbag manufacturer Guangzhou Eight-Shares Leather Co., Ltd. wants to say that no matter how perfect the micro-fiber bag is, it can’t match the texture of the leather bag, which means it can’t replace the leather bag. The man-made characteristics make the super fiber plasticity, simple processing and low cost, but it is also the natural beauty of the leather handbag and leather bag in the texture and color.