What are the treatments for the large side of the leather wallet?

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The large side of the leather wallet means that the outermost side of the leather wall has a variety of methods, including embossing, weaving, embroidering, ramming, etc. These treatments are designed to make the appearance of the wallet more beautiful. Better visual effects, in order to attract more consumers’ attention, will have greater sales.

Embossing and weaving are widely used in long and short leather wallets and clutches. Both men’s and women’s wallets are widely used. After the embossing or weaving process, the product is more popular in the market.

Embroidery and rivet are mainly used in leather goods such as clutches and cross-body bags, which will be more beautiful, enhance the fashion sense, creativity, artistic sense and more creative of the wallet. This new wallet is a consumer. Preferred product type. Leather wallets need such processing to deal with them, so that they have better results.