What are the names of the parts processed by leather goods?

Why do leather products have a smell?
Glossy leather is the most commonly used leather material for wallet production.

The names of our common leather-finished parts mainly include the following:

Front and rear: Refers to the leather bag, the money of the handbag, the post-theme part, also called the front or the back.

Large body: parts that pass through the front and rear frames and the bottom part.

The horizontal head refers to the side part of the handbag, which forms a three-dimensional structure with the bottom part, also called a side piece or a plug.

Large body: a piece that has been passed over the bottom side.

Side panel: refers to the side parts that make up the large body. Their mouthpieces can be on the side or extended to the bottom.

Bottom: Refers to the bottom part that makes up the large body, either the bottom part or the side.

Skinning: refers to the decorative parts on the bag body, which is also the first part of the design to reduce the loss of the material. There are front, back, middle and lower stickers, side stickers, cover stickers, corner stickers, inner stickers, and bottom stickers.

Bottom stick: Also called the bottom of the bag or the bottom of the bag, it is the bottom part of the big body, and it can extend beyond the bottom to the lower part of the bag body.

Internal stickers: The internal corresponding parts of various pockets. If the zipper is directly sewn on it, it is called the zipper.

Zipper sticker: One or two leather parts that are sewn into a zipper.