What are the factors affecting the price of leather goods processing plants?

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There are many factors affecting the price of nuclear, but the main ones are leather, hardware, accessories, taxes, processing fees, shipping costs, packaging costs, and other expenses, which are often used in leather processing plants. The core factors are also the factors that determine the product quotation. The accounting methods for products such as wallets, clutches, document bags, business cards, and cross-body bags are all based on this.

Among them, leather, hardware and processing fees are the three essential factors for the price of leather wallet products. Then the decisive factor of processing fee is the design structure of the product. The more complicated the cost, the higher the cost. Regarding the price of leather, the leather processing factory is based on its quality level. From high to low, it is the first layer of cowhide, the second layer of cowhide, and the leather that does not understand animals such as sheepskin and crocodile skin.

The price of leather hardware accessories is also calculated according to the complexity and material of the workmanship. There are hardware accessories such as copper, iron, aluminum alloy and silver. For example, the price of the button and the button of the copper are different. Leather goods processing factories are based on the above factors to calculate the price.