Precautions for leather bag OEM

Points to pay attention to when purchasing and using men’s wallets
How should the processing wallet be tested for product quality?

There are two situations where you need to play the board. One is the model that the manufacturer gives to the customer when the money is selected, and the other is the pre-production model that the manufacturer makes for the customer before the big product is produced. There are many precautions in the process of placing orders for leather bags, such as the selection of main and auxiliary materials, the selection of leather hardware accessories, cost control, and product production details.

Precautions for the selection of main and auxiliary materials: In the selection process of leather materials and processing accessories, materials should be selected according to the requirements of product processing, pay attention to product experience, such as the feel, texture, color and type of leather.

Selection of leather hardware accessories: Some leather package OEM hardware needs to be customized, pay attention to check the size, color, quantity, price, material, shape and other details.

Cost control of the board: The cost of making the copper mold should be well controlled, and the price of leather and hardware should be well coordinated, and the production cost should be well controlled.

Product production details: The details of the production process of the leather package OEM, such as: car line, paste inside the box, make large faces and other aspects should also be controlled.