Points to pay attention to when purchasing and using men’s wallets

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First of all, judging the pros and cons of a men’s wallet is mainly based on the feel. Generally speaking, the cowhide is divided into two layers, and the top layer is softer; the wallet of the top layer is softer and usually more expensive, and the wallet of the second layer is harder to touch.

Second, the wallet of the top layer leather will last longer than the two-layer leather wallet. The wallet that sells for 500 yuan or more on the market is usually the first layer of the wallet.

Third, in fact, the first impression in business is very important. A good quality, stylish men’s wallet can indeed show a person’s taste, such as this year’s popular long wallet customization. However, in business occasions, it is better to choose a black, simple long wallet that is safer, safer, and more law-abiding. In the evening, when you are attending a party with a business partner, you can choose a men’s wallet with a slightly unique style to highlight your personal style.

Fourth, in general, the business style of men’s wallets are relatively simple, too fancy, it will be very feminine, no business temperament. The quality of men’s wallet is not the size of the men’s wallet logo. In European culture, business people are very low-key and subtle, but the clothes will be very decent. Their primary concern is that they are comfortable to wear, and the clothes and shoes. The color materials of the wallet are perfect. Therefore, the key to customizing the style of men’s wallets is to see how they match the style of the clothes.

Fifth, the men’s wallet is a consumable item that will be bad for a long time. Usually, you can wipe it with a professional leather care agent. You can’t wipe it with a detergent containing a strong alkali. It needs to be moisturized just like leather shoes. In fact, the best way to maintain the men’s wallet is to prepare a few more, such as black men’s wallet, brown wallet, beige wallet, etc., rotating, can be used with different styles of clothing. As long as the men’s wallet is frequently replaced, no special care is required under normal circumstances.