How to clean the leather bag?

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The leather bag is a good partner of the urban people’s life. Shopping and going to work are all around. This is also the case for men and women, young and old. But often it’s inevitable that it’s old and dirty. If it’s already very dirty, how can we clean it?

  1. First of all, do not put in the water to wash
    The structure and material of the bag are different from those of the clothes and socks. It must not be washed with the clothes. This will destroy the beauty of the bag, and it should not be placed in the washing machine to cause damage to the bag. This is common sense and I hope everyone will remember.
  2. Wash with toothpaste and toothbrush
    Because the bag itself is not a big object, we can simply apply a little toothpaste with a toothbrush and wipe it gently until it is clean. This can also add aroma to the bag.
  3. Take a rag and wipe it off.
    Look for a relatively soft rag at home and then wet it and then scrub it from top to bottom. This will not damage the bag. You can also clean the bag with confidence. If you have time, you can clean it periodically.
  4. Use banana peel to clean
    Everyone knows that banana peels can be used to clean leather shoes, which can make shoes more clean and bright. Then the bag is the same. We only need to open the remaining banana peel and slowly clean and scrub the bag to achieve the purpose of cleaning the bag.
  5. Professional shop for cleaning
    If your own bag is very good and very precious, it is recommended to go to the cleaning bag store regularly to clean. This can be handled very clean and not afraid of damage to the bag, because if they wash it, they are responsible for compensation.
  6. Life protection can not be less
    In daily life, we should protect the bag from “harm”, such as adding it to the skin in rainy days, and letting it absorb the “Sun and Moon Essence”. This bag is very durable and not afraid of bad.