How to choose a leather wallet custom style?

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We must first know the classification of the wallet, and then we can select the style selection according to the different market requirements of the wallet. According to the length, it can be divided into long and short paragraphs. According to the fold number, it can be divided into two folds, three folds, etc. According to the function of the wallet, it can be divided into zero wallet, clutch bag, hand bag, zipper bag, card bag and so on. Then you need to understand the seasons and elements of different styles.

According to different seasons, different wallets are made to choose different styles. This style is popular in summer and autumn, because these two seasons are more popular in leather long wallets and short wallets, because it is just the spring and autumn season, the student army has become The main force of the purchase.

This kind of clutch is more popular in autumn and winter. Because it is convenient to match clothing, the popular elements in the season include contrast color, color matching, rivets, printing, embroidery, bees, webbing, rhombic and so on. These elements are easier to match with autumn and winter clothing, so comparing these styles is more suitable for autumn and winter wallets.