How should the processing wallet be tested for product quality?

Precautions for leather bag OEM

The question about inspection is a problem that all of us are concerned about. It is not easy to do this. There are many details worthy of our attention, such as the identification of the authenticity of leather, the confirmation of the quality of leather, and the processing of wallets. Car line, size, color, quantity and other issues are all important inspection links in inspection. The quality of the product directly affects our later sales, so this issue cannot be ignored.

1.How to tell the authenticity of leather?
1) The surface of the dermis has irregular granular shape and also has an uneven shape, and each granular surface has a very fine breathing hole, which is very clear.

2) Use the hand to directly contact the finished product that has finished processing all the steps of the wallet. Feel the feel of the skin. Generally, the surface of the leather has a granular shape with different sizes. When pressed by hand, it can be elastic, and you can feel it by pulling it. The toughness and smoothness of the skin.

3) The real leather goods have the smell of the leather itself, a little bit of faint animal smell, artificial leather, the taste is very exciting.

2.How to confirm the processing of the wallet car line?
The confirmation of the car wall of the leather wallet mainly depends on whether the line is smooth and straight, whether there is a broken line, and whether the size of the line is consistent with the original negotiation.

3.Check the shape of the wallet for deformation?
Take the prenatal sample control and carefully observe whether the shape, size and color of the finished wallet are consistent.