How long does it take to order a small-sized leather wallet?

Glossy leather is the most commonly used leather material for wallet production.
How to choose a leather wallet custom style?

We all know that there are many factors affecting the delivery time of custom-made leather wallets, including the quantity of large goods, the difficulty of processing the products, the scale of the manufacturers, the procurement of leather and hardware, and other objective factors and irresistible factors. Small and medium-sized manufacturers can control the delivery time of small batches of large goods in about 5 days, but the complicated wallet may take several days, and the longest time will not exceed 20 days.

Is there a rough standard for the number of so-called small batches of large goods? Usually the number of large-sized leather wallets can be counted as small-volume customization between 50-200, and the standard of each factory is different. The standard for large-scale processing plants may be higher, and it is conservatively estimated that more than 500 are considered small.

Small orders are not valued by big manufacturers, but the factory that you come to small and medium-sized leather wallets is different. Morse leather has no matter what small orders, loose orders, whole orders, big orders, every single one holds With a warm heart to receive, every customer is the object we value.