Hot stamping is a must-have in the process of wallet oem

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Hot stamping is actually a stamping of logos on the leather of the wallet. In the process of wallet oem, there is a lot of things to be aware of. These details are related to the quality of the product, so be sure to pay attention. Whether it is temperature, the choice of the number of bronzing, or the control of color, we need to pay attention to every small project processed in the process of producing wallet.

The first is to pay attention to the temperature control of bronzing. Under normal circumstances, the control is at 100 degrees Celsius. It can be finely adjusted according to the actual situation of the actual product. After all, the nature of each kind of leather material is different, and the nature of hardware accessories is also different. Hot stamping is an indispensable step in the wallet oem, and it is also a technical process that is most important in the leather processing industry. The hot stamping also affects the quality of the product.

Please remember to use the pressure paper to fix the color after the hot, one to one to restore the color of the logo itself, this is a process that pays attention to the details. Some workers who do the wallet oem are not paying attention, it is easy to cause chromatic aberration. There is no 100% reduction of the original request of the guest. This step of fixing the color is easy to ignore, so it is necessary to check and confirm multiple times when processing the wallet.