Glossy leather is the most commonly used leather material for wallet production.

What are the names of the parts processed by leather goods?
How long does it take to order a small-sized leather wallet?

The smooth leather of the cow is used to make the wallet. It is a kind of wallet that the manufacturers and dealers prefer to use. Because the humanity and thickness of adult cowhide are very good, when the stitching is tightened, the seam will be slightly raised, showing an indescribable texture. When sewing a wallet, the cutting of the leather does not have to be folded.

Therefore, the incision (edge ​​line) should also be treated with care. The smooth surface with good toughness can show beautiful luster after the incision is polished. However, the smooth surface made of chrome tanning method is very soft, so it has no effect after polishing. The wallet produces a glossy dyed leather that exhibits the original natural texture of the leather.

In the production of various leathers, the reason why manufacturers prefer to make a wallet because of the smooth skin is because the leather is more and more delicious! When it is just used, but after a long time, the leather fiber will gradually soften, and the place where it is often touched will also have a luster, and the original flaws or spots will become inconspicuous. Because the workers who have been produced by the wallet are carefully stitched together, it is a very good choice to choose smooth skin as the raw material for making the wallet. The products will be more and more tasteful and the market will be infinite.