Five things that must be known for leather processing

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First, when the leather goods are processed out of the grid, it is necessary to find out what material is used to make this model. Because the design method is different in different material bags, the raw materials are different, or some raw materials are not suitable for some structure and craft luggage bags.

Second, when the leather goods are processed, it is necessary to know the size and shape of the product.

Third, when the leather goods are processed in a special edition, it is necessary to decide according to the materials used in the luggage, what kind of craft should be used, and the style and route that the bag should go.

Four,When designing a special edition, after clearing the points mentioned above, you can determine the structure of the leather goods, that is, the handbags we often say, the combination of several pieces of material by a bag, The related process produces a finished product.

Five,When the leather goods are processed, it is necessary to know the color matching of the bags and handbags. Any product is inseparable from the color design. The front and back of the bag handbag are the main material color, the bottom of the bag and the inner sticker, as well as the zipper stickers are the color of the ingredients, etc., the color of the general ingredients is darker than the main material. .