Finished leather leather cutting and cutting

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The usual method of operating the leather cutting and cutting surface of the manufacturer is indispensable for the following eight steps. It is particularly effective for the processing of small leather goods such as leather wallets, handbags and card holders, and is a very efficient method. Even simple leather goods are inseparable from these eight steps.

  1. Place the paper on the leather and draw the prototype with an awl.
  2. Cut the semicircle with a semicircle.
  3. Use the utility knife to cut the curve part.
  4. Move the edger opening against the edge of the cut leather and push it forward.
  5. Fold the cut leather in half and pinch the place where the key ring is placed.
  6. Apply a brown bed treatment at the fold.
  7. Use a wooden trimmer to polish the place where the surface treatment agent is applied.
  8. Treat the natural leather portion with a clear bed finish.

Remarks: When making small-scale leather goods and leather crafts, you can save material by using small pieces of leather or leather.