How should the processing wallet be tested for product quality?

The question about inspection is a problem that all of us are concerned about. It is not easy to do this. There are many details worthy of our attention, such as the identification of the authenticity of leather, the confirmation of the quality of le […]

Precautions for leather bag OEM

There are two situations where you need to play the board. One is the model that the manufacturer gives to the customer when the money is selected, and the other is the pre-production model that the manufacturer makes for the customer before the big […]

Points to pay attention to when purchasing and using men’s wallets

First of all, judging the pros and cons of a men’s wallet is mainly based on the feel. Generally speaking, the cowhide is divided into two layers, and the top layer is softer; the wallet of the top layer is softer and usually more expensive, an […]

Where should the custom handbag be used as a reference?

Nowadays, the fabrics of custom handbags can be described as various, and there are all kinds of leather bags, patent leather bags, sanding bags, Oxford cloth, nylon cloth bags, artificial leather bags, etc. that are often seen in the market. Too man […]

Choose the skills of custom men’s leather bags

Briefcases, also known as briefcases, are not only a necessity for transporting documents and various pieces of goods, but also an important manifestation of your personal style. Its practicality is no more than canvas bags, messenger bags or kraft p […]

How to extend the “life” of high-end men’s bags

In general, just buy a high-end leather bag, you should first rub the bag with a clean hand, as long as the appropriate body temperature and grease, gently rubbing with your hands, you can make small wrinkles and even small scars disappear. In additi […]

Finished leather leather cutting and cutting

The usual method of operating the leather cutting and cutting surface of the manufacturer is indispensable for the following eight steps. It is particularly effective for the processing of small leather goods such as leather wallets, handbags and car […]

Is the order quantity of custom-made wallets of different materials the same?

Common wallet making materials are leather materials such as cowhide, sheepskin, crocodile skin, PU, ​​PVC, fabric, etc. Different materials, the cost is not the same, some are cheap, some are expensive, and involve the problem of profit, so various […]

Problems in the custom design of wallet

For the custom design of the wallet, it is usually the same as the pattern of our common clothing design. Wallet bag design mainly refers to the work of wallet bag design and development, hand-painted luggage design manuscript in leather handbags ind […]

Five things that must be known for leather processing

First, when the leather goods are processed out of the grid, it is necessary to find out what material is used to make this model. Because the design method is different in different material bags, the raw materials are different, or some raw materia […]