How should the processing wallet be tested for product quality?

The question about inspection is a problem that all of us are concerned about. It is not easy to do this. There are many details worthy of our attention, such as the identification of the authenticity of leather, the confirmation of the quality of leather, and the processing of wallets. Car line, size, color, quantity and other issues are all important inspection links in inspection. The quality of the product directly affects our later sales, so this issue cannot be ignored. 1.How to tell the authenticity of leather? 1) The surface of the dermis has irregular granular shape and also has an uneven shape, and each granular surface has a very fine breathing hole, which is very clear. 2) Use the hand to directly contact the finished product that has finished processing all the steps of the wallet. Feel the feel of the skin. Generally, the surface of the leather has a granular shape with different sizes. When pressed by hand, it can be elastic, and you can feel it by pulling it. The toughness and smoothness of the skin. 3) The real leather goods have the smell of the leather itself, a little bit of faint animal smell, artificial leather, the taste is very exciting. 2.How to confirm the processing of the wallet car line? The confirmation of the car wall of the leather wallet mainly depends on whether the line is smooth and straight, whether there is a broken line, and whether the size of the line is […]

Precautions for leather bag OEM

There are two situations where you need to play the board. One is the model that the manufacturer gives to the customer when the money is selected, and the other is the pre-production model that the manufacturer makes for the customer before the big product is produced. There are many precautions in the process of placing orders for leather bags, such as the selection of main and auxiliary materials, the selection of leather hardware accessories, cost control, and product production details. Precautions for the selection of main and auxiliary materials: In the selection process of leather materials and processing accessories, materials should be selected according to the requirements of product processing, pay attention to product experience, such as the feel, texture, color and type of leather. Selection of leather hardware accessories: Some leather package OEM hardware needs to be customized, pay attention to check the size, color, quantity, price, material, shape and other details. Cost control of the board: The cost of making the copper mold should be well controlled, and the price of leather and hardware should be well coordinated, and the production cost should be well controlled. Product production details: The details of the production process of the leather package OEM, such as: car line, paste inside the box, make large faces and other aspects should also be controlled.

Points to pay attention to when purchasing and using men’s wallets

First of all, judging the pros and cons of a men’s wallet is mainly based on the feel. Generally speaking, the cowhide is divided into two layers, and the top layer is softer; the wallet of the top layer is softer and usually more expensive, and the wallet of the second layer is harder to touch. Second, the wallet of the top layer leather will last longer than the two-layer leather wallet. The wallet that sells for 500 yuan or more on the market is usually the first layer of the wallet. Third, in fact, the first impression in business is very important. A good quality, stylish men’s wallet can indeed show a person’s taste, such as this year’s popular long wallet customization. However, in business occasions, it is better to choose a black, simple long wallet that is safer, safer, and more law-abiding. In the evening, when you are attending a party with a business partner, you can choose a men’s wallet with a slightly unique style to highlight your personal style. Fourth, in general, the business style of men’s wallets are relatively simple, too fancy, it will be very feminine, no business temperament. The quality of men’s wallet is not the size of the men’s wallet logo. In European culture, business people are very low-key and subtle, but the clothes will be very decent. Their primary concern is that they are comfortable to wear, and the clothes and shoes. The color materials of the wallet are perfect. Therefore, […]

Where should the custom handbag be used as a reference?

Nowadays, the fabrics of custom handbags can be described as various, and there are all kinds of leather bags, patent leather bags, sanding bags, Oxford cloth, nylon cloth bags, artificial leather bags, etc. that are often seen in the market. Too many to mention. However, these fabrics can be divided into the following types: The first one is the leather handbag we often say, that is, the real animal fur, cowhide, pigskin, horse skin, etc., most of them are cowhide bags, because cowhide The toughness is good, the fabric is sturdy, so the price is relatively expensive, but the style is relatively simple. Second, PU materials, most of the bags are such fabrics, a kind of artificial leather, often said that the patent leather and the like are such fabrics, PU fabrics actually use thousands of The price is different from low to high, with various styles and high plasticity. The third type, the fabric, the softness is good, and most of the leisure bags are colored with this fabric, and it is not afraid that the grinding pressure is its advantage. Custom handbags not only look at the fabric of the bag, but also the details of the bag: the hardware of the bag is generally low-grade, some bags are iron, the middle and high-grade are generally steel, the surface plating is not the same, the plating Good to be expensive, the hardware ring of the bag is solid and hollow with seams and seamless. There is a big […]

Choose the skills of custom men’s leather bags

Briefcases, also known as briefcases, are not only a necessity for transporting documents and various pieces of goods, but also an important manifestation of your personal style. Its practicality is no more than canvas bags, messenger bags or kraft paper bags. Strong, but its style can show your personality. Don’t chase the trend. High-quality briefcase customization should be durable and not replaced by any trend. The most basic colors and styles are visible. The soft body, shoulder bag and briefcase are more and more popular. It is also very convenient to carry and load things, although it may wrinkle your suit, but it is still the first choice for working or working in a more casual work environment. For seniors who require scholars or lawyers, a slightly old-fashioned briefcase customization will give you a sense of majesty; but in the hands of young people it will be too sloppy. Young people who have just worked should buy or customize a new briefcase to make it more and more prosperous with the hard work of the years, and never ask for new colors: black and brown are briefcases. Eternal color, and it matches everything. As office accessories continue to grow, there are many factors to consider when choosing a briefcase. Your package may need to match your laptop. Some briefcases have a detachable laptop bag inside.  Another important point is that the workmanship when customizing the briefcase is very particular. When picking, you should pay attention to the overall feeling of […]

How to extend the “life” of high-end men’s bags

In general, just buy a high-end leather bag, you should first rub the bag with a clean hand, as long as the appropriate body temperature and grease, gently rubbing with your hands, you can make small wrinkles and even small scars disappear. In addition, it is usually used, and the oil is maintained at any time to extend the service life. As for the maintenance oil used, you can use the general leather care solution (sold on the market), but it should be noted that because of the difference in the cortex, it is best to ask the cortex before use, and then apply it with the maintenance solution. The bottom of the bag or the inside is not pleasing to the eye to test whether it can be applied. The above is the general maintenance method. If you subdivide it, you can do different maintenance according to the different leather of the business bag: The best way to clean and maintain ordinary leather is to remove the dust and then use special cleaning oil to remove dirt and wrinkles. Next, dipped the special oil of the bag on the cloth, gently spread it on the bag, and then rub the cloth on the bag, but do not apply too much detergent to avoid fading or contaminating the bag. Smooth skin is to show the original flavor, it is best to use its special ointment, in case of unfortunate dirt, you can use a damp towel to carefully remove. Suede […]

Finished leather leather cutting and cutting

The usual method of operating the leather cutting and cutting surface of the manufacturer is indispensable for the following eight steps. It is particularly effective for the processing of small leather goods such as leather wallets, handbags and card holders, and is a very efficient method. Even simple leather goods are inseparable from these eight steps. Place the paper on the leather and draw the prototype with an awl. Cut the semicircle with a semicircle. Use the utility knife to cut the curve part. Move the edger opening against the edge of the cut leather and push it forward. Fold the cut leather in half and pinch the place where the key ring is placed. Apply a brown bed treatment at the fold. Use a wooden trimmer to polish the place where the surface treatment agent is applied. Treat the natural leather portion with a clear bed finish. Remarks: When making small-scale leather goods and leather crafts, you can save material by using small pieces of leather or leather.

Is the order quantity of custom-made wallets of different materials the same?

Common wallet making materials are leather materials such as cowhide, sheepskin, crocodile skin, PU, ​​PVC, fabric, etc. Different materials, the cost is not the same, some are cheap, some are expensive, and involve the problem of profit, so various The order quantity of custom-made wallets of materials may be different, at least the order quantity of leather and other materials is definitely different. If you want to know the specific number range of each specific material, please read on. The order quantity of the leather wallet is 50 in the medium-sized factory. The order quantity of the custom wallet in the large-scale processing factory is 100-200, and the specific number in the small workshop is unknown. However, it is estimated that at least 30 or more. Individual companies can choose the right leather factory according to their actual situation. This will not only guarantee the quality of the product, but also get a good service. As for the order quantity of artificial leather materials such as PU and PVC, there must be more than 100 sets in the medium-sized manufacturers, and there may be more than 200 custom-made wallets in large manufacturers. The minimum amount of cloth wallets must be at least 200. More than 1000, this is the difference. In general, the order quantity of wallets of different materials is basically different.

Problems in the custom design of wallet

For the custom design of the wallet, it is usually the same as the pattern of our common clothing design. Wallet bag design mainly refers to the work of wallet bag design and development, hand-painted luggage design manuscript in leather handbags industry or computer drawing luggage design. In the process of design, there are a lot of things to pay attention to. First, when the bag design is out of the way, it is necessary to find out what material is used to make this model. Because the design method is different in different material bags, the raw materials are different, or some raw materials are not suitable for some structure and craft luggage bags. Second, when the luggage design is out of the way, it is necessary to know the size and shape of the handbag. Third, when the leather bag design is out of the box, it is also necessary to decide what kind of craft should be used according to the material of the bag, and the style and route that the bag should go. Fourth, when designing a special edition, after clearing the points mentioned above, you can determine the structure of the handbag, which is often referred to as the handbag, which is composed of several pieces of material. The craftsmanship produces a finished luggage handbag.When designing the bag, you need to know the color matching of the bag. Any product is inseparable from the color design. The front and back of the bag handbag […]

Five things that must be known for leather processing

First, when the leather goods are processed out of the grid, it is necessary to find out what material is used to make this model. Because the design method is different in different material bags, the raw materials are different, or some raw materials are not suitable for some structure and craft luggage bags. Second, when the leather goods are processed, it is necessary to know the size and shape of the product. Third, when the leather goods are processed in a special edition, it is necessary to decide according to the materials used in the luggage, what kind of craft should be used, and the style and route that the bag should go. Four,When designing a special edition, after clearing the points mentioned above, you can determine the structure of the leather goods, that is, the handbags we often say, the combination of several pieces of material by a bag, The related process produces a finished product. Five,When the leather goods are processed, it is necessary to know the color matching of the bags and handbags. Any product is inseparable from the color design. The front and back of the bag handbag are the main material color, the bottom of the bag and the inner sticker, as well as the zipper stickers are the color of the ingredients, etc., the color of the general ingredients is darker than the main material. .