Five things that must be known for leather processing

First, when the leather goods are processed out of the grid, it is necessary to find out what material is used to make this model. Because the design method is different in different material bags, the raw materials are different, or some raw materials are not suitable for some structure and craft luggage bags. Second, when the leather goods are processed, it is necessary to know the size and shape of the product. Third, when the leather goods are processed in a special edition, it is necessary to decide according to the materials used in the luggage, what kind of craft should be used, and the style and route that the bag should go. Four,When designing a special edition, after clearing the points mentioned above, you can determine the structure of the leather goods, that is, the handbags we often say, the combination of several pieces of material by a bag, The related process produces a finished product. Five,When the leather goods are processed, it is necessary to know the color matching of the bags and handbags. Any product is inseparable from the color design. The front and back of the bag handbag are the main material color, the bottom of the bag and the inner sticker, as well as the zipper stickers are the color of the ingredients, etc., the color of the general ingredients is darker than the main material. .

What is the difference between the oil wax skin commonly used in leather processing?

The first layer of oil wax skin – aristocrats in leather processing Oil wax skin is commonly known as “oil skin”. The oil skin is made of yellow cowhide as a raw material for about two years. It smells natural. The surface of the oily skin is always full of surprises; the cracks and wrinkles of the turtles retain the most realistic texture of the cowhide, so the leather of the high-grade quality waxy skin will have irregular wrinkles, which is its natural texture. Leather-processed two-layer wax The surface layer of the second layer of oil wax is made of PU foam film, and its hand feeling and gloss cannot reach the effect of the head layer oil wax skin. The surface layer of the two-layered oil wax skin usually exhibits a very regular texture. And the uniform color, these are the effects of the re-processing of the day after tomorrow, without the natural turtle cracks and wrinkles of the top layer of wax skin, its finished products naturally lose the feeling of natural retro.

Can drawings and samples be customized?

Sample processing refers to the factory holding sample 1:1 reduction products, which can be obtained by all factories. Generally, regular leather goods custom factories can do it. Divided into two types according to the material, the leather and the artificial leather, the order quantity is different, the single color of the leather is 50 sets, and the single color of the artificial leather is 100 sets. It is more difficult to process the drawings than the sample processing. It requires an experienced master to be able to do it. In other words, only those who have the custom-made leather goods factory can do it. Those small factories usually do it. Nothing. Mossen leather goods factory of this size will be equipped with professional boarding masters, so that you can process leather goods according to the pictures of your leather products.

What are the treatments for the large side of the leather wallet?

The large side of the leather wallet means that the outermost side of the leather wall has a variety of methods, including embossing, weaving, embroidering, ramming, etc. These treatments are designed to make the appearance of the wallet more beautiful. Better visual effects, in order to attract more consumers’ attention, will have greater sales. Embossing and weaving are widely used in long and short leather wallets and clutches. Both men’s and women’s wallets are widely used. After the embossing or weaving process, the product is more popular in the market. Embroidery and rivet are mainly used in leather goods such as clutches and cross-body bags, which will be more beautiful, enhance the fashion sense, creativity, artistic sense and more creative of the wallet. This new wallet is a consumer. Preferred product type. Leather wallets need such processing to deal with them, so that they have better results.

What are the factors affecting the price of leather goods processing plants?

There are many factors affecting the price of nuclear, but the main ones are leather, hardware, accessories, taxes, processing fees, shipping costs, packaging costs, and other expenses, which are often used in leather processing plants. The core factors are also the factors that determine the product quotation. The accounting methods for products such as wallets, clutches, document bags, business cards, and cross-body bags are all based on this. Among them, leather, hardware and processing fees are the three essential factors for the price of leather wallet products. Then the decisive factor of processing fee is the design structure of the product. The more complicated the cost, the higher the cost. Regarding the price of leather, the leather processing factory is based on its quality level. From high to low, it is the first layer of cowhide, the second layer of cowhide, and the leather that does not understand animals such as sheepskin and crocodile skin. The price of leather hardware accessories is also calculated according to the complexity and material of the workmanship. There are hardware accessories such as copper, iron, aluminum alloy and silver. For example, the price of the button and the button of the copper are different. Leather goods processing factories are based on the above factors to calculate the price.

How to choose a leather wallet custom style?

We must first know the classification of the wallet, and then we can select the style selection according to the different market requirements of the wallet. According to the length, it can be divided into long and short paragraphs. According to the fold number, it can be divided into two folds, three folds, etc. According to the function of the wallet, it can be divided into zero wallet, clutch bag, hand bag, zipper bag, card bag and so on. Then you need to understand the seasons and elements of different styles. According to different seasons, different wallets are made to choose different styles. This style is popular in summer and autumn, because these two seasons are more popular in leather long wallets and short wallets, because it is just the spring and autumn season, the student army has become The main force of the purchase. This kind of clutch is more popular in autumn and winter. Because it is convenient to match clothing, the popular elements in the season include contrast color, color matching, rivets, printing, embroidery, bees, webbing, rhombic and so on. These elements are easier to match with autumn and winter clothing, so comparing these styles is more suitable for autumn and winter wallets.

How long does it take to order a small-sized leather wallet?

We all know that there are many factors affecting the delivery time of custom-made leather wallets, including the quantity of large goods, the difficulty of processing the products, the scale of the manufacturers, the procurement of leather and hardware, and other objective factors and irresistible factors. Small and medium-sized manufacturers can control the delivery time of small batches of large goods in about 5 days, but the complicated wallet may take several days, and the longest time will not exceed 20 days. Is there a rough standard for the number of so-called small batches of large goods? Usually the number of large-sized leather wallets can be counted as small-volume customization between 50-200, and the standard of each factory is different. The standard for large-scale processing plants may be higher, and it is conservatively estimated that more than 500 are considered small. Small orders are not valued by big manufacturers, but the factory that you come to small and medium-sized leather wallets is different. Morse leather has no matter what small orders, loose orders, whole orders, big orders, every single one holds With a warm heart to receive, every customer is the object we value.

Glossy leather is the most commonly used leather material for wallet production.

The smooth leather of the cow is used to make the wallet. It is a kind of wallet that the manufacturers and dealers prefer to use. Because the humanity and thickness of adult cowhide are very good, when the stitching is tightened, the seam will be slightly raised, showing an indescribable texture. When sewing a wallet, the cutting of the leather does not have to be folded. Therefore, the incision (edge ​​line) should also be treated with care. The smooth surface with good toughness can show beautiful luster after the incision is polished. However, the smooth surface made of chrome tanning method is very soft, so it has no effect after polishing. The wallet produces a glossy dyed leather that exhibits the original natural texture of the leather. In the production of various leathers, the reason why manufacturers prefer to make a wallet because of the smooth skin is because the leather is more and more delicious! When it is just used, but after a long time, the leather fiber will gradually soften, and the place where it is often touched will also have a luster, and the original flaws or spots will become inconspicuous. Because the workers who have been produced by the wallet are carefully stitched together, it is a very good choice to choose smooth skin as the raw material for making the wallet. The products will be more and more tasteful and the market will be infinite.

What are the names of the parts processed by leather goods?

The names of our common leather-finished parts mainly include the following: Front and rear: Refers to the leather bag, the money of the handbag, the post-theme part, also called the front or the back. Large body: parts that pass through the front and rear frames and the bottom part. The horizontal head refers to the side part of the handbag, which forms a three-dimensional structure with the bottom part, also called a side piece or a plug. Large body: a piece that has been passed over the bottom side. Side panel: refers to the side parts that make up the large body. Their mouthpieces can be on the side or extended to the bottom. Bottom: Refers to the bottom part that makes up the large body, either the bottom part or the side. Skinning: refers to the decorative parts on the bag body, which is also the first part of the design to reduce the loss of the material. There are front, back, middle and lower stickers, side stickers, cover stickers, corner stickers, inner stickers, and bottom stickers. Bottom stick: Also called the bottom of the bag or the bottom of the bag, it is the bottom part of the big body, and it can extend beyond the bottom to the lower part of the bag body. Internal stickers: The internal corresponding parts of various pockets. If the zipper is directly sewn on it, it is called the zipper. Zipper sticker: One or two leather parts that are sewn into […]

Why do leather products have a smell?

I believe that many people will smell a scent when they buy leather products such as wallets and bags. Of course, this smell is good, but why is there such a smell? Here’s the answer: Why do smells in leather products? Leather is made from animal skin as a raw material through complex physical and chemical processing. In the process of leather making, various acid and alkali treated leathers are added, and various fats are added for fatliquoring and use. Filling with various fillers, and finally finishing with a finishing agent. There is a certain smell in the leather itself, plus various leather chemical materials in the process of tanning, forming a unique smell of leather. Moreover, the different types of raw materials and the different materials used for the leather, the smell of the leather is light and heavy. For example, leather with fish oil will have some fishy smell; leather coated with solvent-based finishing agent will have some solvent smell; in leather and fur products, there will be adhesive smell and even formaldehyde. Stupid smell, obviously these smells are not good for human health. Guangzhou leather goods manufacturer Guangzhou eight-strength leather goods factory reminds everyone that leather and products have some special smell, more or less will have some smell, but in the car car mat, sofa leather and other leather, the smell of leather should be controlled .